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Garden in the Woods, May 2006

  • 01_visitor_center
    Photos by Alexis Layton.

Tower Hill, June 2005

  • 22 Wildflower meadow
    Garden in the Woods guides visit Tower Hill Botanic Garden in late June, 2005.

Garden in the Woods, July 2003

  • 13. Sundrops
    Some photos taken at Garden in the Woods on July 8, 2003

Big Bugs, July 2004

  • 01_bee_and_flower
    The Big Bugs exhibit at Garden in the Woods.

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James Davis

Thanks, I liked your article on growing raspberries. I'm just starting my second season and had questions regarding pruning. They are really spreading. Right now the patch is about 6' x 3'. I'm considering cutting a swath down the middle in the fall, giving two 1' wide strips, or keeping it at the present size. What do you recommend?

Leslie Turek

Hi James! Glad to hear the article was useful. On your specific question, I don't think I would try to cut a path down the middle of a 3' wide patch. You will find that as each stem grows, it will send out leaves and spread out a bit. So I think that they would very quickly spread over a 1' path and make it impossible for you to actually walk down the middle. I would just keep them from spreading any wider by pulling up any suckers and pruning back any stems that some up outside the area you want them. I would not let the row get much wider, or you won't be able to reach in and pick the berries from the stems in the center (I'm assuming you can access them both sides, unlike mine which are against a wall).


Here in zone 6a Heritage (red) raspberries will bear fruit on first year canes. I planted some last spring, cut the canes back to the ground at planting and had fruit last fall. I could have left the canes over winter for another harvest this spring but by cutting them back to the ground I will get a larger harvest this fall from the new canes that have come up this year.


What is the best way to keep birds out of my raspberries?

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