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Garden Highlights

Garden in the Woods, May 2006

  • 01_visitor_center
    Photos by Alexis Layton.

Tower Hill, June 2005

  • 22 Wildflower meadow
    Garden in the Woods guides visit Tower Hill Botanic Garden in late June, 2005.

Garden in the Woods, July 2003

  • 13. Sundrops
    Some photos taken at Garden in the Woods on July 8, 2003

Big Bugs, July 2004

  • 01_bee_and_flower
    The Big Bugs exhibit at Garden in the Woods.

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I finally started mine last year and this year I have already cut enough for one pie! What my Mom and I have been wondering is how much must you leave ont he plant so that you won't damage it? I assume it needs some of the leaves present to survive and recharge for next year. Do you have any thoughts?

Leslie Turek

That's a good question. I tend to treat it like asparagus and go by the thickness of the stalks. When a rhubarb plant is really strong and vigorous it puts out thick stalks, and as it uses up its energy, the stalks get thinner. So I watch what I'm picking, and if here are no thick stalks left, then I try not to pick any more for the rest of the season.


Why shouldn't I pick rubarb after july? I have heard this more than once.

Leslie Turek

I think there may be two reasons. After July the stems are a bit older, so they might be more woody in texture and not so juicy as when they first come up. Also, you want to let the plant have a rest and allow it to put out leaves that will develop the nutrients that it will store in the roots to allow it to get through the winter. If you keep cutting the stems, it will weaken the plant and it might not be able to come up again the following spring.

Tamera Van Heukelom

What nutrients are in rubarb, if any?


Regarding the comment about using rhubarb after July.....there is actually no reason for this. I have used it after this time with no problem. If it has turned to seed you would not use it, but I have never had that problem.

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