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Garden Highlights

Garden in the Woods, May 2006

  • 01_visitor_center
    Photos by Alexis Layton.

Tower Hill, June 2005

  • 22 Wildflower meadow
    Garden in the Woods guides visit Tower Hill Botanic Garden in late June, 2005.

Garden in the Woods, July 2003

  • 13. Sundrops
    Some photos taken at Garden in the Woods on July 8, 2003

Big Bugs, July 2004

  • 01_bee_and_flower
    The Big Bugs exhibit at Garden in the Woods.

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This is the first time I have been moved to make a journey on the strength of the posting on a blog.
Road trip coming on!!!


I love all of it, but especially the floating gardens. Are those "islands" commecially available, or are they do-it-yourself projects?


Loved your weblog! (Readers, click on her name to link to her weblog, which is all about wildlife-friendly gardening.) If you really do drive from Chicago, let me know and I'll give you a private tour!

The islands are commercially available, although I believe we arranged for custom sizes and/or shapes. The garden is not endorsing a vendor for this, though, so you will need to Google for "floating islands" to find some sources.
(Rurality has a great blog, also, although her picture of poison ivy flowers makes me itch just looking at it!)


We are going to be in the Boston area early to mid August. I will definitly be stopping by but can not say exactly which day. I have wanted to see Garden in the Woods for some time, the exhibit is icing. I will let you know a few days before we arrive, if you are available it would be fun to get a look at the garden through the eyes of some one that knows it well.

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