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    March 01, 2006


    Michael A. Burstein

    That was fascinating. The pictures especially made it real.

    Having grown up in New York City, I'm always interested in how people live in places that are more isolated (although it doesn't sound like Duluth was too isolated at one point, what with all the shipping). I spent one summer working at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, and experienced major culture shock.

    Thanks for sharing your story. Now to find someone who lived in Silver City, Idaho...

    Leslie Turek

    Glad you liked the pictures. They did take a bit of searching out, but they added to my own sense of nostalgia, especially the one of Central High School. It was taken by a guy who had recently taken a bike trip through the area, and I actually corresponded with him for a bit about how the picture evoked memories for me.

    I keep thinking of things I forgot to mention.

    Like the Scandinavian names. We lived on Anderson Lane, bought our house from a Johnson, our neighbors were the Petersons and one of my good friends was a Swenson. There were 8 pages of Andersons/Andersens in the phone book.

    And the mongoose. One of the exciting bits of news while I was there was that a foreign sailor had brought a pet mongoose in on his ship. They were not allowed at that point because they were considered a danger to farm animals or something. So the mongoose was confiscated and eventually ended up in the local zoo.

    And curling. Curling was big in Duluth, so I heard of it long before most people finally encountered it in the Olympics (although I never tried it myself).

    I mentioned that I was interested in Broadway plays, and I liked to read the opening night reviews in the New York TImes. Well, in Duluth there was only one newstand that got the NYT (and it got only 2 copies), so I had to be sure to get there early if I wanted a copy on a particular day.

    And as for isolation, I once saw some statistics on the 1917 flu epidemic which indicated that it never even reached Duluth... So maybe it would be a good place to move if the bird flu hits. Just need to watch out for all those migrating geese...

    Laurie Mann

    The photo of the rocky ledge going into the water is extraordinarily Maine-like. You see that sort of landscape all up and down the Maine coast.

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